The CabaRoach

Every day is an act survival and an exercise in resilience but somehow we are still here. Who will be left at the end of the world? The Queer people and the cockroaches?

This satirical piece uses song originally from Follies by

Stephen Sondheim. In true cabaret style it has been reworked and is performed and edited by Miss Annabel Sings

 What does Queer Joy mean for you?

For Miss Annabel Sings and Dolly Delicious it was and still is vital to their survival. Growing up in the 1980s, silenced by section 28 and unable to verbalise or vocalise their Queerness they promised never to be silenced again. Her vocation is to create joyous performative safe spaces for Queer people young and old via her work in the community and the newly formed 

Safe Space Pop Up.


This is video was commissioned for LGBT Youth Scotlands Pride and Pixels online event