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SQUIDZ will be visting The Wee Hub's Wee Fringe at Ocean Terminal on the 2nd & 3rd August. Sign Up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about where we will be next!


Our brilliant first year of development was funded by Creative Scotland's Create:inclusion Fund and ended in July 2023.Thank you everyone who has helped in their own way to develop this vibrant new community via a whole lot of joyous fun. we will be bringing drama, story sessions, puppetry, the occasional party and interactive workshops in Edinburgh from August 2024 onwards. Watch this space.....


If you want to hear more please sign up to the mailing list and you will be the first to hear about events, access videos and stories on our youtube (coming December 2024) and other special adventures /activities both online and in person

(and puppet of course)

We respect your inbox and do not send a million emails a month

more like one per month at the most!


queer joy

SQUIDZ and the Safe Space Pop Up were born from lived experience + an urgency to bring  the thing Miss Annabel Sings belives is most important to our community... JOY! 

Specifically Queer Joy. What does Queer Joy mean for you?

For Miss Annabel Sings and Dolly DeliciousJOY permeates all their work.  Growing up in the 1980s, silenced and made fearful  by section 28 ; unable to verbalise or vocalise their Queerness they found puppetry and drama as a way to express themselves and feel part of a world that didn't feel very safe for them. They promised never to be silenced again and help others to feel the joy of who they are and that they belong.  It is with great pleasure to bring these events to Rainbow families and LGBTQIA+ Kids,  especially in a political climate that is feeling like we are going backwards and not forwards.

No child should feel scared to explore who they are.

Every child has the right to access community and culture. 

This is video was commissioned for LGBT Youth Scotlands Pride and Pixels online event in 2021. It was this video that seeded the idea that grew into the many tentacled creature that is now SQUIDZ!


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