Image by Rod Penn

Queen Of Queer Cabaret

Since landing from Planet Weirdo onto Earth stages back in 2007 and bursting onto the cabaret scene as a vaudevillian clown,

Miss Annabel Sings has enjoyed a glittering career in the world of Queer Cabaret, underground and Fringe Performance.

MAS has made a name for herself as a multi disciplinary artist: LoFi DIY theatre maker, event producer, puppeteer, singer,

clown, Live and video artist.


The self proclaimed Queen of Queer Cabaret  writes, produces and hosts her own cabaret theatre to entertain and empower her audiences and the guests onstage as well as collaborations with artists, performers  and world renowned festivals. She has performed and produced  all over the UK and Europe to critical acclaim.

Miss Annabel Sings will be beaming in (a)live from

space in December 2021 and throughout 2022 in the quivering flesh with her  new show 'Sings for Your Supper!'


when not onstage MAS works within communities and participatory practice.


MAS creates safe performative platforms and spaces for Queer Performers and audiences, leads reminiscence sessions (using film and song) to promote wellbeing for people  living  with dementia and mental health and leads workshops in political performance, club culturecabaret, puppetry, play, drama, song and storytelling with children and adults (both with and without additional needs) or her political performance workshops centred

around club culture and cabaret.


She strives to connect communities  and help individuals find the tools within themselves to gain confidence and process the world around them via performance.


A community is created  via shared experience. Being responsive and supportive to new people, audiences and situations is vital to the positive growth of our communities and the intersections where we can connect and understand each other  whoever we are.


Those pockets of joyful connection  via creativity,  play and exploration can have the most profound impact on the group and the individual. By sharing  and building on the energy we create, we have the propensity to make impactful change far beyond what we can imagine whilst creating agency in the individual and long lasting diverse communities. 


Photo by Albie Clark